TRGM 2 Features

Startup options

This GUI will allow you to select main to mini missions, or choose which type of mission to play. Will also allow you to set other settings like NVG, weather/time, and other settings adjust the mission to your style of play


Try to watch your fire now, and don’t just waste your assets, If you lose guys, kill civilians, attack friendly rebels and lose main assets, your reputation will lower. If you make too many mistakes high command will see you as a liability and call you back to base, failing all your objectives!

Enemy Comms (AI)

When you or your team are spotted, the enemy will react accordingly, by calling in a patrol to investigate, call air support, or call in a nearby mortar team to fire rounds at your position. I have scripted the AI to seem like a human is running the enemy, making choices based on what is happening and what you are using.

Comms Tower

These will not show on the map, if you see a tower, move close to it and you should see an option to listen in to the signal. If the enemy are using it, you can destroy the tower, this will make it harder for the enemy to call in air support and reinforcements.


Randomly placed checkpoints in the form of roadblocks, or just sentry positions, could be a few in the centre of the AO or some scatted around a larger range. Be careful, do not assume they are enemy, you may stumble across a friendly checkpoint (chat with them to gain some intel).


Events may occur during a mission playthrough, for example you could spot a smoke trail and the location of a downed friendly chopper, help the crew and gain some reputation. Anther event could be an enemy camp, clear it and search it for some intel of your AO.


I have spent time on making these patrols to not seem random. There will be patrols scouting around the AO, some patrols will be moving from building to building, with a mix of wide patrols and groups that patrol in the centre of the AO

Air Support

If you are spotted in the AO, enemy may call in air support depending on your threat. If they see you causing mayhem in the air they will call in Air to Air support, or if you are in a tank or just ground units, then Air to Ground support may be on the way


If the enemy feel they need some extra support, they will call in for reinforcements to fly to the AO, calling in a transport chopper or truck to drop off enemy forces to protect the AO or search for you

Mortar Teams

If there is an enemy mortar team present, then don’t be too relaxed about standing around! I an enemy unit know your position and see you are not moving too much, they may call a nearby mortar team to fire rounds on your location.


If you stumble across a town with civilians, watch your fire, if you kill any innocent civilians your reputation will drop! But be careful, some of these civilians are out to get you, they may pull a gun on you or charge at you with a suicide vest (you can search civilians to confirm if they are carrying a gun)

Friendly Rebels

Make sure you PID your targets! Just because a guy is carrying a gun doesn’t make him enemy! Friendly rebels will generally not be marching in patrols and will be walking around the AO normally in civilian clothes with a gun. However, there may be one or two that are waiting for you to drop your guard!

Arti support

If activated in mission settings, you will have to enter the grid references to call a guided round in, work out the 10 grid ref to get an accurate hit (if you have Ace you can use the Vector 21 and MicroDagre to get this reference)


Watch your step, there may be IEDs scattered around the AO, or even car bombs or IEDs anywhere on the map. If you hit one and are still alive, watch out, you may get ambushed by an enemy group in hiding!