Just a dump of some possible plans for the future!


  • Sound effects for tasks (hacking data, alams, typing sound effects)
  • Music at base, intro etc...
  • IEDs Car bombs on roads (whole map), with a chance an enemy group will be waiting to ambush
  • Sniper script (enemy sniper spotter script, positioned in tactical locations)
  • Sandstorm script (chance could start up mid mission)
  • Enemys can spot your lasers if they are wearing NVG
  • Downed chopper, rescue crew to gain reputation
  • Enemy camp, gain intel if you search it
  • suicide bomber, will run to cache location, arm up and charge you (locate and destroy the cache is hidden objective)
  • Enemy radio jammer placement
  • Some HVTs may get into car or chopper if the AO is being attacked and fly away
  • Sniffer dogs to aid in finding bombs and some objectives
  • Shrine at base to list all players and how many times dead (saved on server for each playthough)
  • Enemy vehicles may disembark, stretch legs,take a break,quick piss break, then get back in a continue (will be very rare!)
  • Enemy logistics (convoys transfer goods from one AO to another)
  • Option to fight militia only (makes it easier)
  • chance of town full of civs only, but small area of only a few enemy guarding objective


  • Requires teamwork, two PCs need to connect to get keycode for main objective
  • Rescue POW
  • Destroy Cache
  • kill scientest and device (main objective only)

New Modes

  • Campaign: ongoing mission, gain/lose rep, try to get target rep to be given main final objective. High rep means you can request better equipment, losing your equipment will lower your rep (usual reputation rules)