Want to help out?

Things you can do to help the TRGM2 progress

More details here soon, but basicly follow us on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook. Like and comment our content, post videos of you playing TRGM2 and spread the word : )

Follow Me

If you want to support my work, there are quite a few ways to do so... if you visit my steam workshop page and follow me, or give a thumbs up and comment, it really means a lot... these thumbs up ratings, and adding to fav help move my work up the workshop pages, Follow me on steam, or my YouTube account, its nice to know my videos are being watched.


If you really want to, you can make a donation here, I could buy my wife a curry to keep her quite while i edit lol. I would also love to dedicate more time to the TRGM2 engine, making updates, fixes and new features, so would love to take some time off work to spend full days on my engine : )

TRGM2 Discord

Join our community : https://discord.gg/qYrjgJs