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Previous version notes...

Version 2.0.5

  • Adjustments made to civ script (varied guns, random response when talk to them)
  • AmmoCrate at start now populates with items in script, if Ace is running, then Ace equipment is added
  • Ace medical vehicle/tent etc now set in script (so will work if ace is active, and mission no longer dependant on Ace running)
  • Lots of code cleaned up
  • Phase one adjustments to AI transport chopper
  • Removed rep report from all players, can now only read from noticeboard at base
  • show on map if area has friendly rebels occupying it
  • added to HVT search option, to confirm ID for optional side missions (dont need to, but if in doubt and close to corpse, will be worth checking)
New Features
  • Campaign Mode:
    • Each mission is a new day, RTB when completed to get next assignment
    • you will either start at base or in a camp close to the AO, transport by boat/car/walk (this option can be customized in mission parameters)
    • On completion, your reputation will increase, the higher your rep, the more units you can recruit, also more unit types (UAV, sniper etc...)
    • Messing up, failing missions, killing civs, losing your guys will all lower your reputation
    • Once you have a high enough reputation, High Command will assign you a final large objective with two optional side tasks for gaining intel of the main AO
  • Tombstone added at base with your name on it, when player killed (or recruited AI in SP)
  • if interogate officer, if shot in the leg, he roll on the floor in pain, giving you time to capture him alive!
  • if starting near AO, can unload dingy and get diving gear from vehicle at camp
Bug Fixes
  • DisableSerialization in GUI script added
  • fixed issue with OccupyHouse script call (was causing an error message)
  • a few changes to calling functions
  • If task failed due to reputation, you can no longer still complete that task

Version 2.0.4

  • Mortar fire adjusted (last version we had 13 rounds called on us at once)
  • fixed issues with unarmed patrol vehicles not spawning
  • GUI for choosing missions and settings

Version 2.0.3

  • Mortar script enhanced (more likely to fire if present and we have been spotted, also will not fire if other enemy near
  • will not fire constantly, not as accurate, but more rounds fired
  • Friendly insurgent issue now sorted (previous update disabled the rep points if friendly rebels killed)
  • Talking to one of the guys at a friendly checkpoint may tell us the location of a nearby enemy checkpoint
  • Enemy military buildings that are part of the map may be occupied
  • if helipad near enemy military building, there could be an enemy attack chopper, with crew waiting outside...if player spotted, this may be called in, killing the crew before they get in will stop the heli from being used against you (or destroying it)
  • rep report will no longer show player name of who was killed (future update will show list of names when mission ends)
  • Goats and local dogs added

Version 2.0.2

Main Features
  • unarmed scout vehicle patrols
  • randomly generated enemy checkpoints
  • randomly generated sentry positions
  • Some checkpoints may be British forces
Bug Fixes
  • patrol main army teamleader was insurgant team leader
  • enemy machine gun units were not being used
  • killing enemy was scoring points for killing friendly units... previous fix didnt work(edited)

Version 2.0.1

Main features
  • If friendly rebels found, you can chat with rebel leader to get further intel of main AO (he will be only guy wearing a vest)
Bug fixes
  • Sometimes killing enemy will trigger points scored against us for killing friendly insurgants
  • Arti wasnt always firing (fixed on Lythium, Fajula and Tanoa)
Basic Adjustments
  • Can now view reputation report via ace menu
  • can now enable bullet trace when in training mission via ace menu
  • Can now request Arti by ace menu (if your role allows it)
  • Changed RHS tanks to CUP tanks on Lythium and Fajula (as at the moment we are fighting against CUP enemy armor)
  • Once enemy send first patrol to investigate spotted unit possition, if they are all killed, the enemy wont just send another patrol right away

Version 2.0.0

Main features

Mainly trying to build this so it feels like we are fighting against a human enemy commander who is coordinating his units based on our actions. Each time we play, I make notes and adjust and have a large list of changes that I am currently working on. Below is the current version, all future version changes will be mentioned here

  • Friendly Rebels
  • To identify these, they will be lightly armoured, normally just civ clothes with guns, also, they dont
  • walk in patrols, will just walk around AO indivdiually and are infantry only (no vehicles)
  • there is a chance that some may be enemy sleepers and could pull there gun out on you (if they do, the other rebels will assist you in firing back!
  • Bad Civs
  • Civs will walk around the AO, but some may be sleepers, and could run up to a friendly and pull a gun out on you!
  • also... they dont care about death, so will never run away!
  • Arti computer
  • some players will have an option to enter a grid ref for an arti strike
  • Arti will never run out of ammo, but will cost 0.1 reputation to use
  • Optional missions
  • Some side missions will give intel of possible mortar teams or AAA in the area
  • other side missions that dont provide intel will increase our reputation
  • AI Script
    will react based on what you throw at them.. if they feel you are casuing issues with a tank they will call in air to ground support also, if nearby patrol has AT unit, they will be called to move to your location if you are flying around, they will call Air to Air defense If they spot players on the ground, they will call in for a nearby patrol to investigate if they feel you are still a pain, they will call in reinforcments they may also call in a drone or scout chopper to search for you(edited)
  • Enemy Mortar Team
    if players are spotted hanging around in one possition a nearby unit will call in for mortar rounds
    an enemy unit will need to have you in site, he will animate a radio call while he gives over your possition, if you find and kill him, the rounds will not be called
    if they spot a group of you huddled together, they will be quicker at calling in the rounds, and will call in a few rounds
    enemy wont call in mortar if other enemy units are too close to players
  • Point system:
    • You have a reputation to maintain... if you play like an amature, high command will tell you to get back to base as you are clearly not fit for the job
    • you lose reputation if you kill civs, lose guys, kill friendly rebels, lose main assets or call call in for AI arti strikes
    • if availble, you can complete a side mission to gain reputation (to allow more mistakes)
    • all players can choose to view a hint showing reputation report with reasons for points
    • the lower amount of players online, will mean higher points per player death! (so small team of five will mean three player kills and your out... but a larger team of players will cost less per death so will allow more players to be killed before mission fail (helps keep undercontrol the issue of players coming back in too often)
  • display in report how many points we get scored against us per player killed(edited)
  • HVT feature officer will be walkig around the AO near his main building, stopping to chat to his guys every now and then (chance for sniper to take him out!)
  • Coms Towers these are no longer shown on the map, however, if you approach one, you may have an option to listen in... doing this will let you know if its being used by the enemy... if it is, and you destroy it it will make it harder for the enemy to call in any support on you only SL or teamleaders can end mission
  • lowered required files and code changes for different maps to allow quicker porting over to other maps
  • now chance of random vehicle patrols in a very large radius around the AO
  • enemy AAA is highly skilled!
  • increase chance of AA units in the area
  • new Side mission type: Destroy Ammo Trucks (gain rep)
  • new Side mission type: Destroy AAA tanks (gain rep)
  • new side mission type: Destroy Arti vehicles (they will be fireing at our base... badly) (gain rep)
  • new side mission type: find and steal research data from research vehicle (gain rep)
  • new side mission type: Kill officer (gain rep)
  • new side mission type: Kill weapon dealer (gain rep)
  • mission type Hack Data (if side, will gain intel)
  • mission type Speak with informant (if side, will gain intel)
  • mission type interrogate officer (he needs to be taken alive) if side and alive, will gain intel
  • mission type Locate and Send Enemy Radio transmision to HQ (if side, will gain intel)
  • if kill officer or assisinate weapon dealer is main objective, then we need to move in to body and ID him
  • Siren plays if enemy gets annoyed by your Air support or your tanks!
  • Seagull sound removed!!! so now we have no idea if someone has died (unless we happen to look out our rep report... update soon to allow this to be switched off too!)
  • if objectie is kill officer, and he is surrounded by friendly rebels, he will be held prisoner by them in the position marked on map
  • friendly rebels will only populate an area with enough buildings(edited)
bug fixes
  • civs will only shoot if they have a line of site, so no more shooting when on otherside of a wall
  • Arti action was showing for anyone standing next to the player with the option
  • Params adjusted (some were no longer needed)
  • fixed issue that would often cause an area to have no or just one enemy unit!
  • if main objective is hidden, now makd sure that at least one side mission is an intel mission to show main location
  • allow debug mode if admin
  • side missions were too overpowered
  • enemy mortar team was too spot on and too fast... have adjusted
  • reinforcement chopper was landing too close to trees and getting stuck or blowing up
  • ammo and grenades were mission from aresenal
  • fixed issue with random 2 points being added (was due to enemy air support having same name as one of our support vehicles
  • created template version with minimal objects in editor so will also help copy over to new maps
  • enemy insurgants had incorrect class name for teamleader so was shoing as main army unit
  • HVT will not die if run over by enemy or falls off something... he will only take damage if hit by a blufor unit (but once damage initiated, he can then die from falling or being run over)
  • vehicle patrols were driving around way to fast... slowed down now
  • if ship used on Porto (or any other map), then enemy will call in Air to Ground support