Arma 3 - Treendy's Randomly Generated Missions (TRGM) 2

I created TRGM for Arma 3 after creating and playing many workshop missions for Arma 3, It got to a stage where things were a bit predictable and wanted a way I could play missions with friends with none of us knowing what, where and when things was going to happen.


The TRGM missions did ok on Steam Workshop and our Tactical Cannon Fodder group have played many hours on it now, so I thought I would spend more time on breaking out some of the code in TRGM to allow me to create more variaions easier, more missions, events, AI behavour etc... so was born TRGM 2 : )

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If you really want to, you can make a donation here, I could buy my wife a curry to keep her quite while i edit lol. I would also love to dedicate more time to the TRGM2 engine, making updates, fixes and new features, so would love to take some time off work to spend full days on my engine : )

TRGM2 Discord

Join our community, if you have any questions, or having problems, here is the place to comment :



A short video of some of the features of TRMG 2. If you want to see all the features available, the view here.


The Mission type, AO, target buildings, patrols, enemy numbers, enemy unit types are all randomly selected so each time you play, you will have no idea what you are facing.


A lot of care has gone into how everything is generated, trying to get every aspect to look like it was placed individually with sutable terrain and areas for each placement.


The idea is a single main objective, game time could be from 45 mins to over an hour (or more depending on your play style), once completed, you can restart and will be completely different!

Just a few features

Startup options

This GUI will allow you to select main to mini missions, or choose which type of mission to play. Will also allow you to set other settings like NVG, weather/time, and other settings adjust the mission to your style of play


Try to watch your fire now, and don’t just waste your assets, If you lose guys, kill civilians, attack friendly rebels and lose main assets, your reputation will lower. If you make too many mistakes high command will see you as a liability and call you back to base, failing all your objectives!

Enemy Comms (AI)

When you or your team are spotted, the enemy will react accordingly, by calling in a patrol to investigate, call air support, or call in a nearby mortar team to fire rounds at your position. I have scripted the AI to seem like a human is running the enemy, making choices based on what is happening and what you are using.

Comms Tower

These will not show on the map, if you see a tower, move close to it and you should see an option to listen in to the signal. If the enemy are using it, you can destroy the tower, this will make it harder for the enemy to call in air support and reinforcements.

Ready to fight!

View the Steam Workshop or download direct from here